Madison, Wis. – As the dispute over the ownership of local roads and easements develops in Lac du Flambeau, the offices of Senator Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk) and Representative Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander) have begun receiving calls from constituents who are being barricaded from their own homes and are struggling to access medication. Many local residents are angered at the actions taken in the last several days:

“We met yesterday with the Governor’s Office to discuss the rising tensions in Lac du Flambeau, and actions that can be taken to deescalate the situation. We cannot stress enough how vital it is for the Governor to use all the tools at his disposal to find a peaceful resolution. With physical barriers going up on the roads used by residents, and rhetoric turning negative very quickly, it’s imperative that action be taken immediately to ensure the safety of citizens who are not to blame for the current situation.”

“We recognize and respect that the Lac du Flambeau Tribe claims they have ownership over these easements, and they feel they have a legal claim to protect their property. We would like to stress to Tribal President Johnson that the manner in which all parties are going about this issue is unproductive and is endangering the lives of Wisconsin citizens- his neighbors. We are certain it is not his intent to punish the innocent homeowners caught in the middle of this fight.”

Senator Felzkowski and Representative Swearingen have spoken to the Governor’s Office and urged the Governor to engage with the tribe, the township, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to swiftly facilitate a solution.

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