Madison, WI – On Wednesday, the State Senate convened for a floor session where they had a full calendar of bills and resolutions, including a handful pertaining to public safety and government accountability.

Public Safety

Senator Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk) and her colleagues in the Senate passed a number of bills relating to public safety, including:

·         Updating the definitions of “serious harm” and “violent crime” for the purpose of bail – which would go into effect if the bail referendum question passes during the April 4, 2023 election

·         Defining carjacking as a specific crime in statute – giving our law enforcement agencies a clear and consistent violation to reference when these crimes occur

·         Allowing local governments to enact an ordinance authorizing law enforcement to impound vehicles used in reckless driving offenses when the person cited owns the vehicle and still has an unpaid fine for a prior reckless driving conviction

Felzkowski commented: “While many of these issues are prominent in our largest cities, we’ve begun to see this crime spread into rural communities like ours. It’s vital that we do everything we can to clean up our streets and restore order for the law abiding citizens of our state.”

Government Accountability

The State Senate also took up a joint resolution requesting Governor Evers call for a special election to fill the recently vacated Secretary of State position – a constitutional office that all Wisconsinites should have a say in.

Felzkowski stated: “Doug La Follette, who’s held this position since 1975, and did not want to run for reelection in 2022, recently resigned just two months into his new four year term. Upon La Follette’s retirement, Governor Evers hastily chose to appoint Sarah Godlewski to the post, after her unsuccessful run for US Senate. The Governor frequently says, ‘The will of the people is the law of the land.’ Why would he pass up an opportunity allowing Wisconsinites to elect their next Secretary of State and enact the will of the people?”

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