Madison, WI – Today, Senator Dan Feyen (R-Fond du Lac), released the following statement after the bipartisan passage of a pair of bills to provide funding for maintenance, rehabilitation, and upkeep of the 22 year old Brewers stadium.

“I am excited that after months of negotiation with the Assembly, the Governor’s office, and the Brewers, conversations with local leaders, and work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, the Senate was able to pass a pair of bills to direct funding for stadium maintenance and improvement and keep the Brewers in Wisconsin through 2050.

“This bill utilizes an increased investment from the Brewers, an investment from both the city and county of Milwaukee, and state income tax dollars generated from within the Stadium District. Unless you play for the Brewers or work in their front office, your state tax dollars will not fund this deal.

“I’m proud that the final version of the bill goes further to help counties across the state, including my home county, Fond du Lac County, by reducing the County Sales Tax Administrative Fee, allowing counties to keep over $7 million more in sales tax revenue in 2024.

“Since 2001, American Family Field has contributed $2.5 billion to the state’s economy. This resulted in $24 million in net state revenue and 3,000 jobs in 2022 alone. The bills that passed today keep the Brewers and their tremendous economic impact here in Wisconsin without raising your state tax dollars a penny.

“This is a good deal for baseball fans, a good deal for taxpayers, and a good deal for the State of Wisconsin.”

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