Madison, WI Today, Senator Dan Feyen (R-Fond du Lac), released the following statement  after the State Senate voted to pass the 2024-2025 biennial budget. 

“Today I was proud to vote for a budget that makes crucial investments across our state, while  delivering on tax relief, and not breaking the bank. 

“This budget includes a tax cut for every single hard working Wisconsinite, delivering a grand  total of $4.4 billion in tax relief. The tax cut includes $3.5 billion in income tax reduction,  putting more money back into your wallet. We are cutting taxes for homeowners as well, with  $795 million in property tax relief. And after years of advocating, we have finally repealed  Wisconsin’s personal property tax. 

“Today, I voted for an increase of over $1 billion dollars for our schools. $97 million additional  dollars towards special education and an additional $30 million invested in our kids’ mental  health. 

“We are increasing transportation funding by $1.5 billion, making sure our roads are safe and  smooth. Increasing payments to every county and municipality by at least 20%, ensuring local  services are funded. We’re investing in healthcare, directing $3.1 billion towards Health  Services, with an additional $387 million going to hospitals in our communities. 

“Since I’ve been in office, one of my main priorities has been workforce development. We can’t  continue to increase our workforce without increasing affordable housing across our state. That’s why this budget invests $525 million in workforce housing. This budget also includes a major  increase in pay for correctional officers, helping to retain and recruit good employees, lowering  the stress on our understaffed prisons. 

“I’m proud of this budget and the investments we are able to make in Wisconsin. I’m especially proud that we were able to do all of this without mortgaging our future, while still delivering on  our promise to lower taxes.”

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