This week my Republican colleagues held a vote on a hasty, last-minute resolution to put an advisory referendum on the ballot asking Wisconsinites about current law.   NOT, of course, the current law in our state that drew overwhelming concern from voters last fall.

I was proud to join Governor Evers and my Democratic colleagues in calling on the majority party to give Wisconsinites a voice on our antiquated abortion statute that predates the right for the women it impacts to vote.

Republicans on party lines rejected giving you a voice on that issue, choosing instead to add to our spring ballots a slapdash resolution designed to insult our friends and neighbors and the intelligence of Wisconsin voters.

Unfortunately, the same week they slapped that resolution together, Wisconsin’s gerrymandered majority party showed their real priority for this session: a tax plan that would result in more handouts to the haves.

Billed as a “flat tax,” data from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau provided by one the plan’s own authors shows that the result would be over a $1 billion benefit to under 9,000 Wisconsin millionaires.

That astonishing generosity to millionaires amounts to more than the plan would provide to 1.7 MILLION Wisconsinites who work for a living and earn less than $100,000/year.

Indeed, the Republican plan would provide more to millionaires than the entire middle class of our state combined.

On the heels of ineffective tax credits for the need-nots, a tax break for those already sending their children to private school and of course, the infamous Republican plan for a handout to FoxConn, this pattern is alarmingly clear.

If my Republican friends wanted to give Wisconsinites a voice on the most alarming law on our books, they shrunk from that opportunity.

Tellingly, on a day they feigned focus on our state’s workforce, legislative Republicans didn’t give Wisconsinites who work for a living a voice on this More for Millionaires than the Entire Middle Class Combined plan, they put forward an insult in resolution form.  You deserve better.

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