MADISON – Sen. Rob Hutton (R-Brookfield), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Universities and Revenue, issued the following statement in reaction to the rebranding of the University of Wisconsin System announced this week:

“Significant long-term challenges face the UW System such as declining enrollment, remote learning, a severe workforce shortage, and a rapidly changing economy and will require a fundamental rethinking of how we deliver higher education.

“It is unfortunate the UW System chose to be distracted and spent half a million dollars on symbolism over substance. It certainly is discordant with the System’s narrative that they are starved for cash.

“I believe that there needs to be urgency within the UW System to implement bold, fundamental, and necessary reforms to ensure UW’s future as a world class institution.

“I sincerely hope this rebranding is followed by the announcement of a significant reform agenda that will help the System address its long-term challenges.”

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