Madison- In their response to Governor Evers’ Special Session call, Senate Republicans unveiled historic investments in Wisconsin’s child care industry paired with a $2 billion middle class tax cut and meaningful reforms that will get Wisconsin back to work. Senate Majority Leader Devin

LeMahieu issued the following statement:
“Wisconsin families are struggling to cope with inflation caused by mismanagement at the federal level.

“Under this plan, a family of four with two children in child care could earn a total tax credit of up to $5,200. Offsetting almost a quarter of their total average child care costs.

“The average Wisconsin family would receive an additional $600 tax cut. Every Wisconsinite making $27,630 or more would see a reduction in their tax bill.

“The amendment also expands the Provider Assistance for Licensure program statewide, which has already created hundreds of new child care slots in Western and Northern Wisconsin.

“Governor Evers has said that he would provide tax relief for the middle class in exchange for state-level investments in the child care industry. We hope he keeps his word,” LeMahieu concluded.

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