Madison- Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) introduced Senate Joint Resolution 4 which was debated on the Senate floor today before passing with a bipartisan, 22 to 10 vote. The Resolution will place on the April 2023 ballot the question, “Shall able-bodied, childless adults be required to look for work in order to receive taxpayer-funded welfare benefits?”

“The focus today is on highlighting the challenges that our businesses are facing with worker shortages.  In the last two years, Governor Evers tried to repeal work requirements for the BadgerCare program, used his veto to remove millions in funding for employment and training services and tried to repeal the work requirement for able-bodied adults to receive FoodShare benefits.”

Attempts by the Governor coupled with action at the federal level have incentivized individuals to stay at home.Last session the legislature attempted to address the issue by passing the Stronger Workforce package. This legislation looked to address the crisis by encouraging workforce participation. The Governor vetoed this legislation.

The challenges our businesses face are real. This is an opportunity for us as policymakers to hear directly from Wisconsinites on a potential avenue to address the pressing workforce crisis facing small businesses throughout the state.” LeMahieu said.

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