MADISON – Today Legislative Republicans introduced a bill to place severe restrictions on abortion in Wisconsin. Along with his Democratic colleagues, Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) decried this maneuver and called for full repeal of Wisconsin’s outdated 1849-era abortion ban.

“I stand with the vast majority of Wisconsinites who believe in a woman’s right to choose,” Smith said. “Simply making changes to an abortion ban that Wisconsin voters want abolished is out of touch with Wisconsinites’ priorities.

“There is no room for playing politics when it comes to abortion access, and politicians need to butt out of private healthcare decisions. If Republicans were serious about doing the work they were elected to do, they would be listening to their constituents by overturning this misguided, inadequate and outdated law.

“Women deserve full repeal, not half-measures,” Smith added. “I will continue to stand with Wisconsinites and my Democratic colleagues to protect reproductive rights.”

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