Madison, WI – Today, Assembly Bill 55 was signed into law as 2023 Wisconsin Act 9. Act 9 effectively doubles the penalties for reckless driving offenses and applies the existing surcharges for OWI offenses to reckless driving convictions. Senator Duey Stroebel (R – Cedarburg) issued the following statement in response:

“I am thankful for Representative Donovan’s partnership in advancing this important legislation to establish a stronger deterrent against reckless driving by increasing the penalties for individuals who endanger public safety through the negligent operation of a vehicle. While the rising number of reckless driving incidents in recent years has been most pronounced in Milwaukee and neighboring communities, those who make a habit out of threatening public safety from behind the wheel often have little regard for municipal or county boundaries. This is why it’s important that we put law enforcement across all of Wisconsin in a stronger position to combat reckless driving, which is what Act 9 will help to accomplish.”

“I appreciated the advocacy from the families of victims, the law enforcement community and the leadership of Milwaukee as this measure worked its way through the legislative process. Moreover, I was pleased to see the proposal garner bipartisan support in both houses. Assuming our courts are willing to enforce this law to its fullest extent, Wisconsin is now in a better place to keep communities safe by ensuring there are more serious consequences for offenders who endanger the public by willfully disregarding the rules of the road.”

Senator Stroebel represents the 20th Senate District which includes parts of Ozaukee, Washington, Fond du Lac, Calumet and Sheboygan Counties.

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