Madison, WI – Senator Duey Stroebel (R – Cedarburg), Representative Scott Krug (R – Rome) and Representative Rob Brooks (R – Saukville) introduced LRB-0767/LRB-2499, which would allow consumers to access community solar in Wisconsin.

Community solar allows participants to subscribe to a portion of a solar project and receive credit on their electricity bill for the power produced. Community solar projects can be located almost anywhere and are often placed on small parcels of under-utilized farmland. They are an alternative to installing individual rooftop panels on homes and businesses. Currently, many individuals are unable to participate in solar because they are not a homeowner or the site is not suitable.

“This bill would help average Wisconsinites, small businesses and non-profits benefit from solar energy without fronting thousands of dollars in upfront costs to install their own system. Community solar will create local jobs, drive innovation and competition, spur economic growth and ultimately lead to savings for Wisconsin ratepayers,” said Senator Stroebel.

“Local control is an important facet of the bill. Unlike the large 1,000+ acre utility scale solar developments that only have oversight at the state level, local governments and residents would have a direct say in the approval process for smaller community solar projects. If signed into law, this bill would require a two-thirds vote by the local government to approve these projects,” noted Rep. Krug.

“Solar is rapidly growing across the country. Wisconsin currently prevents consumers from reaping the benefits of solar unless you are able to install panels on your roof. This bill seeks to cut red tape and allow community solar in our state. No mandates and no Wisconsin subsidies are included in this bill. This is the conservative approach to renewable energy policy. Over twenty red and blue states allow community solar projects. This bill brings Wisconsin into the twenty-first century,” said Rep. Brooks.

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