“Wisconsin can’t lead from the middle. Our state’s tax climate is ranked 27th in the country, yet Governor Evers refuses to embrace the flat tax – a meaningful reform. This comes as no surprise from a Governor who proposed more than $1 billion in new taxes and fees in each of his last two budgets. Governor Evers can talk the talk on economic development, but doesn’t walk the walk. He continues to waive state law to pay people to stay home during a labor shortage, his licensing agency’s inefficient management kept thousands of workers on the sidelines over the past year, and he brags about helping small businesses rebound from the shutdown that he forced on them. This is unacceptable.

In addition, for the second straight year, Governor Evers exercised his right to remain silent and failed to meaningfully address the issue of violent crime. With Milwaukee seeing a record number of homicides in 2022, it’s past time for the Governor to take this issue seriously. We need meaningful bail reform.”

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