Madison, WI – Sen. Cory Tomczyk (R-Mosinee) issued the following statement regarding the passage of AB 141, 142, 149, and AJR 43:

“AB 141 and AB 142 are designed to defend consumer choice from radical environmental activists and out of touch bureaucrats. These bills ensure that a consumer is given the opportunity to choose the best car for their lifestyle or the right tool for the job, regardless of its source of energy. We’ve seen ignorant government officials in other states propose such bans in order to fulfill a ‘virtue signaling’ agenda – we cannot allow this to happen in Wisconsin.

AB 149 allows employers to report when a prospective employee does not show up for an interview. This would result in the loss of unemployment benefits for one week. This bill would ensure able-bodied adults are not abusing the unemployment system. Unemployment insurance is meant to get people back on their feet, not be a way of life. This bill, along with AB 141 and AB 142, will now head to the Governor’s desk.

I am honored to author AJR 43 which passed today, commemorating Hmong-Lao Veterans Day and honoring Hmong-Lao veterans who served alongside the United States in the Vietnam War. Their bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten.”

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