“With his veto message today Governor Evers said, ‘F*** the taxpayers, they don’t know a G**d*** thing about spending their own money.’ These vetoes aren’t the work of a rational governor. They are the conscious decisions of a radical governor.

“Governor Evers decided that no taxpayer deserves more than $37 in tax relief. He decided that taxpayers should only get back 2.5 % of their record overpayment of taxes that created the $7 billion surplus. He thinks the other $6.8 billion is better spent by him, not you. And thanks to his decisions, your tax dollars will pay for sex-change operations.

“He unilaterally chose to set school funding for the next 402 years, no matter the impact on property taxpayers. And he decided that revolving loans aren’t good, he wants to be able to give away free money to those he deems fit.

“It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.”

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