Madison – Today, Democratic members of the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Elections, and Consumer Protection renewed their call for Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu to remove Bob Spindell from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Three weeks ago, Senate Democrats and advocates called for Bob Spindell to be removed from the Wisconsin Elections Commission after Mr. Spindell proudly touted racially targeted voter suppression efforts in Wisconsin. Since then, they have continued to insist that Senator LeMahieu do the right thing and remove Mr. Spindell from the Commission.

Statement of Senator Mark Spreitzer, ranking Democratic member:

“Failing to remove Bob Spindell sends a message that Republicans endorse and embrace the ugly approach trumpeted by Mr. Spindell. It is past time for his oversight of Wisconsin elections to end.”

Statement of Senator Kelda Roys:

“Every day that Bob Spindell remains on the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Senator Devin LeMahieu is making a choice to continue demonstrating his contempt for Wisconsin voters.”

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