Madison– Until this week, Democrat-appointed commissioners to the Wisconsin Elections Commission  have consistently asserted that they are barred from appointing a new elections administrator. Their latest  court filing now argues that they have had the power to appoint an administrator all along. 

“Instead of misleading Wisconsinites and casting doubt on election administration, the Democrat appointed commissioners should do their job, appoint an administrator, and save taxpayers this  needless litigation” Senate Majority Leader LeMahieu said.  

WEC Commissioners Jacobs and Thomsen, and former-Commissioner Czarnezki have all falsely stated  that they do not have authority to appoint a commissioner while Wolfe holds over. 

In a complete reversal, the Commissioners have now admitted in court filings that “when there is a  holdover, the appointing authority has an option . . . to make a new appointment.” They now assert that  replacing Wolfe is their “prerogative” and that they could do it at any time. 

“Ironically, WEC and Attorney General Kaul complained about the Legislature’s role, only to affirm  our position that they could always appoint an administrator. It’s time to end the lawsuit and for  WEC to replace Meagan Wolfe,” Speaker Vos concluded.  

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