MILWAUKEE – County Supervisor Felesia A. Martin and Alderman Lamont Westmoreland will host a community forum for neighbors in the Kops, Cooper, and Nash parks communities to discuss parks and neighborhood safety on Thursday, April 20 at Mount Carmel Lutheran Church (8424 W. Center Street, Milwaukee 53222) at 6 p.m. 

“Thank you to the Kops, Cooper, and Nash parks residents for their ongoing engagement with our office,” said Supervisor Martin. “These folks are prime examples of who and what creates strong, vibrant, and safe neighborhoods. Everyone has a role to play and one of the key roles of residents is to engage with one another, elected officials, and law enforcement as we work together for safety and security in our communities. I look forward to hearing from neighbors about their safety priorities. #AllOfUsTogether”  

Representatives from Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s office, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and District 7 of the Milwaukee Police Department will also attend the forum. 

Supervisor Martin’s office has received an increase in calls related to public safety in these neighborhoods. Last Thursday’s incident in Cooper Park, when shots were fired while many park-goers were enjoying a birthday celebration, highlighted the need for coordinated efforts between Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee to keep communities safe.   

“I visited Cooper Park immediately after I was informed of the incident last Thursday,” Supervisor Martin added. “I spoke with neighbors, Milwaukee Police Department Officers and Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies. Cooper Park residents spoke candidly with me about the incident and were very clear about their public safety concerns, proving to be model constituents. I am eager to give neighbors around Nash and Kops Parks the same opportunity to share their concerns.”  

The public forum will allow constituents to ask questions and speak directly with elected officials and law enforcement about their community’s safety needs. Public engagement is crucial, and all opinions are valued. 

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