Ubet, WI—The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (LPWI) plans to build its membership and its public appeal during its April 14th to April 16th Convention at the Potawatomi Casino & Hotel in Milwaukee, using an online Live Cast on Saturday, April 15th, to share its message of prosperity and peace for all.

“Our party’s platform calling for the peaceful consent by the governed, NOT the violent coercion by a government, has a universal appeal and logic, and can solve the ethical and material decay of our state and our nation,” the LPWI Press Office said in a statement. “The LPWI’s principles translate as the idea and action we practice and propose for the world: ‘Don’t hurt people; don’t steal from them.’ It stays that simple and positive. People can understand it.”

As traditionally the third most important party in the state since its founding fifty years ago, the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin knows that a larger membership, reflecting the diverse people of the state and its communities, can take it to another, higher level in politics.

“The LPWI’s ideal of a general peace and its free-commerce and free-minds agenda would allow individuals, their families, and their communities to control and run their own affairs better than a forceful and centralized government,” the statement said. “Watch our convention on the Live Cast to find out more.”

For more on the LPWI platform or details about the convention, including the Saturday online Live Cast beginning at 8 AM, please visit the website: www.lpwi.org (“Convention”).

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