Melissa Mulliken, Campaign Manager


Udell’s opponent in the Mayoral race supported the pay raise; Measure failed to win necessary three-fourths vote

At its meeting on March 14, The Fitchburg City Council rejected a resolution that would have increased pay for Alders and the Mayor.

City Council President and Candidate for Mayor Randy Udell voted no on the raises. His opponent in the Mayoral race, Alder Julia Arata-Fratta, voted yes. The measure failed as it did not receive the six votes (three-fourths of the Council) needed.

City Council President and Mayoral Candidate Randy Udell released the following statement:

Our City, and our residents, face real economic hardships. The majority in the Wisconsin legislature has failed to provide local governments the necessary resources to help fund first responders and basic services. Rising costs like those for food and housing mean that many in our community, including families and seniors, struggle to make ends meet.

We must focus on the issues that have an actual, day-to-day impact on the people we are elected to represent and serve. Giving alders and the mayor a pay raise is not one of those issues. I will always put the people of Fitchburg first.

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