Green Bay, WI — UW-Green Bay today announced a new partnership with Green Bay Area Public Schools (GBAPS) on the first-in-the-state direct college admissions initiative. Through the program, all high school seniors graduating from GBAPS in 2024 and forward will no longer be required to complete a college application and will instead be directly admitted to UW-Green Bay. Students will work with career counselors to collect the appropriate information and determine a path to support each student’s goals for education beyond high school. 

Through this new direct admissions partnership, UW-Green Bay is removing a barrier that exists for many prospective students – completing an application – and instead moves directly into working with each student and their family to pursue education after high school.

“We are extremely excited to begin this partnership with Green Bay Area Public Schools,” said UW-Green Bay Chancellor Michael Alexander. “This program speaks directly to the student who might not have thought of themselves as continuing their education after high school. It says to them ‘UW-Green Bay believes in you and your future.’ This is one more way that we are working to rethink how  education in our region can be of value to as many people as possible so that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you want to be, you have the opportunity to learn and continue to rise throughout life.”

Under the partnership, GBAPS high school students and their families will work closely with UW-Green Bay career counselors. Together, they will work to determine financial need or special circumstances, and each student will be provided with resources to ensure a successful experience after high school, whether it be a degree program, certificate, non-credit option, or advice to begin at a technical college. 

Direct admission is a game-changer for students and the region according to Alexander. “We need to support anyone who wants to learn at any point in their lives, and we need to help produce the kind of learners and workforce talent that will sustain and grow our region. That requires welcoming more learners in, not shutting them out through a complex application process. We think this is a game-changer that will help make that happen.”  

While direct admission will help students of all backgrounds, the initiative is primarily aimed at students who:  

  • Want or need to stay local for their education. 
  • Cannot afford the cost of living in a dorm. 
  • Want to work while they go to school. 
  • Have a desire to continue to learn after high school.  

“The Green Bay Area Public School District extends our appreciation to UW-Green Bay for its continued efforts to encourage and inspire all students to be lifelong learners,” said Green Bay Area Public School District Interim Superintendent of Schools and Learning Vicki Bayer. “UW-Green Bay’s direct college admission for GBAPS graduates removes barriers, real and perceived, to higher education. We value our ongoing collaboration with UW-Green Bay, and believe this initiative will result in positive outcomes for our students and community.”

“UW-Green Bay understands that every student has a unique path and is determined to break down the barriers to further learning,” said Jen Jones, UW-Green Bay Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management.  “This partnership will provide GBAPS school counselors and teachers with resources (inside the classroom engagement, dual-credit options, etc.) to ensure each high school student is prepared to continue learning after high school. “By removing the application process, and moving right into a conversation about enrollment and next steps, we are able to provide solutions that best meet student needs for further learning. We are dedicated to helping all high school graduates who want to learn, no matter what.”  

In 2023, UW-Green Bay is piloting direct admission with 31 local students. To date, 21 of the students who have been admitted have committed to attending UW-Green Bay. 

Additional information on the 2024 direct admit program can be found by visiting, or by contacting Jen Jones directly at (920) 465-2165, or by email at

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