THEINSVILLE, Wisconsin – Feb. 22, 2023 – Madison outsider, Village President of Thiensville, and Professor of Economics and History at Concordia University Wisconsin, Dr. Van Mobley released the following statement at the conclusion of the Republican Primary Election on Tuesday:

“Thanks to Representatives Janel Brandtjen and Dan Knodl for their dedication to the Republican Party and for participation in a fair Primary campaign. I congratulate Dan Knodl on his victory, and I give Dan my full endorsement.

“I will continue to work to advance the central issues of my campaign.

“Wisconsin must transition our tax code away from punishing the efforts of our hard-working people by abolishing the state income tax. Abolishing the state income tax will help reverse the trend of families fleeing our state for states with lower tax burdens like Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and others. Further, abolishing the state income tax will help grow our economy and improve the financial wellness of low income and middle class workers and savers.

“Most importantly, I thank my family, my close friends and supporters, and all the people I met throughout this campaign. You inspire me to fight for our great communities and the great state of Wisconsin. I look forward to seeing you all in the future. On Wisconsin.”

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