[Milwaukee, WI] — On April 22, 2023, Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans hosted their annual convention at Wisconsin Lutheran College. The convention hosted Congressman Tom Tiffany, Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Brian Schimming, State Representative Chuck Wichgers, Milwaukee County GOP Vice-Chairman Brett Galasczewski. This convention served to elect new officers, set campaign priorities, and gauge the youth view of the GOP in Wisconsin heading into the 2024 elections. As a part of this, a straw poll was taken of the attendees on their choice for President.

In the opening remarks of the convention, Vice Chairman Kaden Crapp commented on the role of college republicans in Wisconsin and his vision for the federation going forward stating, “While we can stand by and shout ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and make fun of his incompetence, it would be more effective for us to take action on the ground and at the polls. If you want to save this country from a bunch of Christ-hating communists, then it is up to you to join the efforts and fight back against the left-wing globalist regime!”


Donald Trump won this poll with 66.7%, followed by Vivek Ramaswamy at 13.3%, Ron DeSantis at 10%, Nikki Haley at 6.7%, and other candidates with 3.3%. The offices of Vice President, United States Senator, and the most important voting issue were also polled, the full results of which can be found on the federations social media pages, @wicrs on all platforms. 

Chairman William Blathras of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Vice-Chairman Kaden Crapp of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville were re-elected to their positions as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively. Will Caldwell of Wisconsin Lutheran College was elected to the position of Secretary and Theo Crass of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse was elected to the position of Treasurer. All of the officers elected at this convention won by a unanimous margin of 92 to 0 votes. The convention was also presented with a series of amendments to the federation constitution, all of which passed unanimously via voice vote.

After the conclusion of the convention, the four elected officers unanimously voted to revoke the status of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans as an independent federation and officially join the College Republicans of America. 

The Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans renewed their commitment to a Republican victory in 2024 and pledged to assist in all campaign efforts, including the upcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in the Summer of 2024. 

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