Ubet, WI–”The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (LPWI) will vigorously defend the basic right of everyone to access and use free speech and technology that harms NO ONE. We OPPOSE this legislation,” the LPWI Press Office said in a strongly-worded statement about a government censorship bill.

Libertarian Party members and guests in Wisconsin will meet in annual convention, April 14th to April 16th, in Milwaukee, as the US Congress considers the radical confinement of personal and public thought in the RESRICT Act bill. The measure, if passed, goes far, far beyond banning social and other media apps owned by foreign companies, such as mainland China’s TikTok.

A major concern with the act, introduced March 7th by Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), involves the entangling language of Presidential Executive Orders and findings, investment networks, definitions of entities, agents, interests, and effects, and “legalisms” that can potentially give the Federal government control over any, or all, online activity, sources, or content—basically originating from anywhere, and containing practically anything.

At its convention in Milwaukee, the LPWI will possibly have a floor motion, referencing its platform principle for all honest people: “and the protection of their individual rights, namely — life, property, and liberty of speech and action;” in defiance of the proposed RESTRICT Act, or variations of it.

For more on the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, its platform, or for details to attend the event, or to watch the April convention simulcast on-line, visit www.lpwi.org .

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