Today in his second inaugural address, Governor Evers once again pledged his support for the repeal of Wisconsin’s current pro-life statute, 940.04.  

This is not Governor Evers’ first attack on the law. In the months since the overturning of Roe. V. Wade, he has brought a direct legal challenge against 940.04 and has called two separate special sessions of the state legislature in the aim of overturning the law.  

Notably missing from Governor Evers’ speech was a call to support the work of pregnancy resource centers that provide critical support to women in need in Wisconsin, or a pledge to support adoption services.  

Gracie Skogman, Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative/PAC director responded, “Governor Evers called on the state to work together to build up the futures of our children and grandchildren, but then pushes for measures that would destroy those futures. Today, at the beginning of this new legislative session, we call on our elected representatives to work together to protect all lives in our state, including preborn lives.” 

Skogman continued, “940.04 has saved countless lives in Wisconsin, and the overturning of Roe has saved thousands of lives nationwide. The pro-life movement in Wisconsin calls on Governor Evers to focus on providing life affirming support to Wisconsin mothers and their preborn children.” 

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