(Madison, WI) – The Joint Finance Committee today voted to create a matching grant for the creation of the Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow Endowment for WisconsinEye. The WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network is a non-profit communications network dedicated to providing citizens with access to the actions of our state government and to a range of civic and policy forums and events from across Wisconsin.

The endowment grant will match those funds, up to $10 million, privately raised by WisconsinEye during the upcoming biennium. The grant ends at the close of the 2023-25 biennium, with the state funds only matching those raised by that deadline.

“We are extremely grateful to the Joint Finance members, the legislature, legislative leadership and especially Joint Finance members Senator Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan) and Representative Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek) for their support of this grant,” said WisconsinEye President & CEO Jon Henkes. “Since our first broadcast in 2007, we have worked to provide open, unfiltered access to state government for the citizens of Wisconsin. This endowment fund will allow WisconsinEye to have a solid foundation upon which we will greatly expand that mission.”

Former state Senator and Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow was instrumental in the creation of WisconsinEye and served as an original board member. Her passion and support of the mission of open government for all was, and still is a driving force behind WisconsinEye. This endowment will be a lasting reminder of her commitment.

“WisconsinEye has done so much to bring the workings of state government to the people of our state,” stated Representative Rodriguez, one of the co-authors of the JFC amendment. “They are a valuable resource to each of us who are elected to represent our communities and are the best source of government accountability to our constituents.”

“With WisconsinEye, people don’t have to be told what happened in their state government. They can watch it as it unfolds,” said Senator Ballweg. “Short of being in the Capitol and watching for themselves, there is no better way for anyone to be engaged with all areas of their government.”

“The fact that this matching endowment amendment passed unanimously with such strong, bipartisan support is especially gratifying and hardens our resolve to continue our mission,” concluded Henkes. “Once the fund is established, WisconsinEye will not just survive, but will thrive.”

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