MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler called out the stark contrast between the failed Trump-Walker era in Wisconsin, and the historic job growth and record low unemployment enjoyed by the Badger State under President Biden and Governor Evers.

Just this week, Wisconsinites were reminded of Donald Trump and Scott Walker’s unfulfilled promises when Foxconn announced it would sell two properties in Green Bay and Eau Claire, abandoning plans that would have brought 500 new jobs to Wisconsin. Foxconn, once heralded by Donald Trump as the “8th wonder of the world,” failed to fulfill the lofty promise of 13,000 new Wisconsin jobs that Scott Walker touted.

For years, Donald Trump and Scott Walker talked a big game about bringing jobs home to Wisconsin and repairing our infrastructure, but only under the leadership of President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Governor Evers are those promises being fulfilled. Gov. Evers even worked to renegotiate the failed Foxconn deal, saving taxpayers more than $2.7 billion while still supporting job growth at the site.

Watch Chair Wikler’s remarks and see what he had to say, in part, below:

Chair Ben Wikler:“Just this week, the biggest failure of the Trump-Walker era, Foxconn, announced it would sell two properties in Green Bay and Eau Claire, abandoning plans that would have brought over 500 jobs to the Badger State. This is the development that Scott Walker put all of his chips on, that Donald Trump called the eighth wonder of the world, gone up in smoke. The contrast between the failures of the Trump-Walker era and the job growth and record on record low unemployment numbers for our state that we’ve experienced under the Biden-Harris and Evers Administrations could not be more stark.”

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