MADISON, Wis. — Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Devin Remiker called on the Republican Party of Wisconsin to immediately cease and desist their broadcast of a campaign advertisement on behalf of and authorized by Dan Kelly that uses tones and graphics associated with the Emergency Alert System.

This fake weather alert appears to have been initially broadcast via SMS text message this afternoon as much of southeastern Wisconsin is under a Tornado Watch. The video’s disclaimer identifies the Republican Party of Wisconsin and Friends of Justice Daniel Kelly as responsible for the broadcast.

Under 47 CFR Section 10.520, this broadcast appears to be an enforceable action in violation of federal regulations and is exacerbated by its irresponsible timing during a weather emergency in the impacted area.

“For the Republican Party of Wisconsin to send this fake emergency alert on behalf of Dan Kelly at a time when many Wisconsinites are under the first Tornado Watch of the season is abhorrent, dangerous, and profoundly irresponsible,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Devin Remiker. “We’re calling on Wisconsin GOP Chair Brian Schimming and Dan Kelly to cease and desist further dissemination of this video via SMS or any other mediums, and to refrain from any further plans to broadcast this message via television or radio. We also call on the FCC to investigate this potentially illegal abuse of the Emergency Alert System and hold those responsible for this reckless broadcast accountable.”

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