The WMC Issues Mobilization Council is out with a new TV ad knocking liberal Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz on sentences she handed out while on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court bench.

That includes no prison time for a woman who starved her son to death.

A source familiar with the buy said the ad is running on broadcast and digital statewide. The group is up with a $3.2 million buy on TV in the race, though that doesn’t include any of its spend on digital.

The spot focuses on two cases. The narrator says the woman who starved her son “got lucky. Judge Janet Protasiewicz set her free. No time in prison.”

The narrator then turns to the case of a man who strangled and raped his aunt. He faced 25 years, but “he got lucky, too,” and Protasiewicz gave him five.

“Tell Judge Protasiewicz, this is not justice. Stop protecting criminals,” the narrator says to close the spot.

See the ad:

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