MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson endorsed Jarrod Anderson today, highlighting the strong alignment between Jarrod’s collaborative vision for Milwaukee and the Mayor’s commitment to progressive leadership.

“Jarrod embodies the leadership and vision necessary for the advancement of Milwaukee. His dedication to healthcare and community development aligns perfectly with our shared ideals for a prosperous future. I am confident that Jarrod will be an outstanding representative for Milwaukee in the State Assembly.”

“I am deeply grateful for Mayor Johnson’s endorsement,” said Jarrod Anderson.”With the Mayor’s support and the backing of our community, I am committed to bringing a new era of collaborative and progressive leadership to the State Assembly. Together, we will work to ensure that Milwaukee thrives and every resident has the opportunity to succeed.”

Voters are highly receptive to Jarrod’s collaborative approach, which promises to bring effective, forward-thinking leadership to one of the most Democratic districts in the state.

In contrast, the incumbent has adopted an approach that has not resonated well with many colleagues and constituents. 

“The people of this district deserve a representative who can build bridges and get things done,” said Jarrod. “While we may agree on many progressive values, my focus is on building partnership and practical solutions that truly benefit our community. I believe that a more inclusive and cooperative approach is what will drive meaningful progress for Milwaukee.”

Jarrod’s campaign focuses on critical issues such as healthcare access, educational equity, and public safety. As a healthcare attorney, Jarrod has dedicated his career to advocating for affordable, high-quality healthcare. His leadership at Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative and the establishment of its charitable foundation have directly supported local programs addressing medical debt, supporting survivors of human trafficking, and expanding healthcare services.

Anderson and his wife live on Milwaukee’s lower East Side. The Democratic Primary election for State Assembly District 19 will take place Tuesday, August 13, 2024. To learn more about Jarrod’s campaign, visit

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