(Fort Atkinson) -At the Jefferson County Spring Forward Dinner on Sunday, Representative Jimmy Anderson delivered a speech on what sets him apart from his opponents in the Democratic primary for the 16th State Senate District:

Experience – I have more experience in the Wisconsin legislature than the other two candidates combined.

Effectiveness – I got Speaker Vos to grant me my disability accommodations, even though he didn’t want to. This reform is my proudest accomplishment while in office: now that these rules are in place, more disabled people can run for office without having to face the barriers that I did.

Representation – My disability makes me a constituency of one in the legislature. My perspective is valuable because I have been able to spot unforeseen impacts of legislation on disabled people, whether the issue is voting rights, healthcare, education, or transportation. 

Trust – You can always trust me to put the interests of the 16th Senate district front and center, even if it will upset powerful people. When legislators were asked to provide $500 million taxpayer dollars to improve a baseball stadium, I was the only one among my opponents to vote against the bill. I think we should be using public money to fully fund our public schools, expand access to broadband, clean up our water, and provide childcare for working families – not to make a very wealthy person even wealthier.”

To learn more about Jimmy and his campaign, please visit www.jimmyforsenate.org or contact jimmy@jimmyforesenate.org for additional information, volunteer opportunities, or media inquiries. 

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