We are disappointed that the Wisconsin legislature has passed on an opportunity to save Wisconsin electric consumers a billion dollars or more over a few decades.

ATC provided unrefuted evidence that Wisconsin ratepayers save money if the Right of First Refusal legislation (Assembly Bill 470/Senate Bill 481) is passed.

Opponents of the bill have provided no evidence of benefits, but rather resorted to bumper sticker political messaging, which is simply not true.

The facts matter:

  • Right of First Refusal legislation will keep the decisions about who builds Wisconsin’s power grid in Wisconsin.
  • Allowing an incumbent transmission provider to build critical infrastructure projects will save Wisconsin ratepayers tens of millions of dollars per year over non-incumbent transmission providers.
  • ATC has always required contractors to go through a competitive bidding process to earn the right to work on ATC projects, which benefits Wisconsin ratepayers.
  • Allowing out-of-state entities to build these types of projects in Wisconsin will lengthen the time for projects to get built, raise costs for energy consumers and set the stage for making the grid less safe and reliable.

We remain committed to a policy that would benefit Wisconsin and Wisconsin ratepayers.

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