Today, on the two-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, Biden-Harris 2024 is marking the first day of debate week with a new TV ad holding Donald Trump accountable for the disastrous Supreme Court ruling that he continues to say is one of his proudest accomplishments. The ad, “Criminal Actions,” features a testimonial from Kaitlyn Joshua, who was turned away from two Louisiana emergency rooms while experiencing a miscarriage. Doctors were scared to give her the help she needed for fear of being prosecuted under an extreme abortion ban that was only possible because of the Dobbs decision Trump brags about. As Kaitlyn points out in the ad, while convicted criminal Donald Trump doesn’t think he should be held accountable for his wrongdoings, he has said women should be punished for having an abortion.

This new ad is part of a campaign-wide organizing push around the Dobbs anniversary, which includes more than 50 events across the country. Today, the campaign will also release for the first time several digital ads featuring Kaitlyn Joshua and other women who have personally experienced the devastating impacts of Dobbs, including Kaitlyn Kash and Lauren Miller. This push, which comes just days before the first presidential debate, is aimed at reminding voters of the stark contrast between President Biden, who is fighting to restore the protections of Roe, and Donald Trump, the architect of the Dobbs decision who wants to ban abortion nationwide if he wins in November.

When Trump ran for president in 2016, he vowed to put “pro-life justices on the court,” predicting that Roe would be overturned “automatically” because of his appointments. And once they did exactly that, Trump was quick to claim credit. As he himself proudly brags, it was his “honor” “to kill Roe v. Wade” – “the biggest WIN … in a generation.” Because of Trump’s first term, 21 states have abortion bans in effect, many of which have no exceptions for rape or incest. These dangerous laws – which Trump calls “a beautiful thing to watch” – currently impact more than 1 in 3 women of reproductive age.

This new TV ad from Biden-Harris 2024 is part of a $50 million buy in June. The ad will run on general market television and Connected TV in all battleground states and on national cable.

The following is a statement from Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez:

“Because Donald Trump overturned Roe v. Wade two years ago, Kaitlyn’s story is now the reality for women across the country. If Trump is reelected, he will go even further – banning abortion nationwide, limiting access to contraception, and even threatening IVF. President Biden and Vice President Harris believe women in America should have the freedom to make their own health care decisions, and they will never stop fighting to restore Roe as the law of the land.”


KAITLYN JOSHUA: I was right around 11 weeks when I had a miscarriage.

The pain that I was feeling was excruciating. And I was turned away from 2 emergency rooms.

That was a direct result of Donald Trump overturning Roe v. Wade.

He’s now a convicted felon. Trump thinks he should not be held accountable for his own criminal actions, but he will let women and doctors be punished.

We want to support someone that does have our best interests at heart. And that’s why I’m so adamant about supporting President Biden.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.

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