Milwaukee WI – On Friday June 21st, the City of Milwaukee and the US Secret Service released their map of the hard and soft security zones, as well as where their vehicle checkpoints will be during the Republican National Convention. These zones are unjust, and reflect the City and Secret Service’s determination to stonewall and shut down all forms of protest and dissent. We in the Coalition denounce these attempts and continue to plan to march within sight and sound of the RNC in July.

We have been submitting permits for a march for over a year, to no avail. Our original route heads directly into the heart of the hard zone, but we have made new plans. Our revised route will still put us within sight and sound of the front doors of the Fiserv Forum. It also still crosses the hard security zone on Kilbourn Avenue, where we will pass in front of Pere Marquette Park. This park was not originally supposed to be included in the hard zone, and was in fact slated to be the site of the City-run speakers’ platform. We pushed back on this, as it is not within sight and sound. However, we are also pushing back on the inclusion of this park in the hard zone. It was included merely because of pressure from the Republicans on the City. It is only because of a last minute rental by the cowardly Republicans that this is being included in the hard zone, and we denounce the way the City continually bends to their will while stonewalling their own citizens. The Coalition and major endorsing organizations have a strong track record of keeping ourselves safe during protests, and we still look forward to a safe, family friendly march in July!

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