As Donald Trump continues to pathetically attempt to hide his dangerous and unpopular agenda from voters, new reporting yesterday by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shows that the main think tank behind his plan – Project 2025 – is a sponsor for next week’s Republican National Convention. Project 2025, drafted by Trump’s close allies and former administration staff, is an extreme second term agenda, so Trump can push the boundaries of the executive office beyond recognition if reelected. Trump has lied about his close ties to Project 2025 but the charade is up. The organization that published the plan, the Heritage Foundation, has now been announced as a sponsor of the Republican National Convention, as the entire Republican Party continues to own the extreme nature of Project 2025.

In response to this bombshell report, DNC Spokesperson Addy Toevs released the following statement: 

“No matter what lies Trump spews as he and his closest allies relentlessly work to rip away our fundamental rights, voters know the truth. Whether it’s his former administration or his MAGA party, Trump consistently promotes extremists who want to ban access to abortion, cut Social Security and Medicare, and end drug price negotiations that have cut the cost of prescription drugs for those who need them most. Trump is bad for Milwaukee, he’s bad for Wisconsin, and he’s bad for the nation. Next week at the RNC, Democrats won’t let Trump hide the truth and this November, voters will reject Trump’s toxic Project 2025 agenda at the ballot box.” 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Think tank behind Project 2025 conservative blueprint signs on as RNC convention sponsor
By: Lawrence Andrea

Key Point: As former President Donald Trump distances himself from a conservative group’s blueprint for a future Republican governing agenda, he will have at least one unavoidable connection to it: the Republican National Convention. The Heritage Foundation, the D.C.-based think tank that produced Project 2025— a series of policy plans to overhaul the federal government — is among the sponsors of the convention in Milwaukee next week. 

  • The group is touted as a convention partner on the RNC host committee’s website. And Heritage plans to hold a day-long “policy fest” in downtown Milwaukee on Monday, the opening day of a convention in which Trump will officially receive the Republican nomination for president.
  • Project 2025, which in part calls for an expansion of presidential authority, is separate from the Trump campaign’s “Agenda47” policy priorities and from the RNC’S own platform, though a number of former Trump administration officials were involved in crafting Heritage’s plans […] 
  • Heritage’s presence at the Republican nominating convention is yet another sign of the think tank’s influence. In addition to the day-long policy discussion Monday, billed as “Fighting for America’s Future,” the group plans to host a social event at a bar near Fiserv Forum Wednesday evening, according to the convention’s event calendar. 
  • Project 2025, a 922-page plan, seeks in part to give a future Republican president greater control over the executive branch, replace civil service government employees with partisan appointees and eliminate the Department of Education, among scores of other proposals. 
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