Dresser, WI—Stop killing for politics and profits, said the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin (LPWI) in resolutions passed at its annual convention in Madison, WI, April 13th.

While the convention had failed to pass a strong-enough foreign policy plank to the state Party platform, two subsequent resolutions from the floor won overwhelming endorsement. Both of the statements called for radical changes in the approach to United States foreign affairs.

The two resolutions combined calls for ending US military and security agency involvement overseas; and the withdrawal of support, financial and otherwise, direct or indirect, from all conflicts between or within other countries. In consequence, the resolutions affirm a sense of the Party that even in foreign policy, the Libertarian principles of “do not harm anyone; do not steal from anybody,” apply universally.

The resolutions came on a particularly critical day, as news reports filtered into the convention of the Iranian drone and missile attacks on Israel, further escalating a dangerous crisis for the world.

One resolution called for ending foreign military alliance commitments; and disposing of US military property and foreign deployments of American military personnel; and ending non-citizen military contracts (with essentially mercenaries) that support US policies. It also called on the United States, as a nation of individual people, to lead a total effort to dismantle and decommission all nuclear weapon arsenals world-wide.

The second resolution, submitted by Jacob VandenPlas, an Iraq War veteran, former Congressional candidate, and former chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, unequivocally demanded: “That the US stops its policy of using money or other support to individuals or institutions or organizations that cause harm, kill people, or perpetuate murder.”

For more info or to contact the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and its peace resolutions, visit www.lpwi.org .

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