In what can be described as a nice victory for the City of Milwaukee and its utility ratepayers, the Public Service Commission voted (3-0) today to deny We Energies/WEPCO’s application for deferral accounting treatment of 2024 storm recovery costs and accelerated forestry activity in response to severe storms and the emerald ash borer infestation. Deferral treatment of these costs would have allowed WEPCO to request recovery of these costs from ratepayers in the future to the tune of $25 million.

The City – under Common Council Resolution No. 231926 (which I authored and was passed by the Council in April) – and the Citizens Utility Board were the only intervenors who provided written comments in response to the PSC staff memo.

I believe the Commission’s decision is quite encouraging, as they appear willing to review WEPCO’s requests with a critical eye in the interest of keeping rates affordable. To be clear, it appears that the commission DID consider our position that the recovery rate increases would negatively impact low- and moderate-income city residents in light of the significant rate hikes obtained by WEPCO in its most recent rate cases.

Thank you, Commissioners, and my colleagues on the Common Council for your unanimous support! 

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