MILWAUKEE – In response to the shooting at Washington Park that occurred on June 19, 2024, Milwaukee County Supervisors Sky Z. Capriolo and Shawn Rolland, who represent Washington Park and its surrounding areas, have issued the following statements:   

Supervisor Sky Z. Capriolo:

“It’s devastating to wake up to the news that what was supposed to be an amazing celebration for the community turned into a deadly shooting involving teenagers. What words can I say that express the true depth of empathy I have for the families of all involved? One young life was lost, and his family is no doubt feeling the severe soul ache that comes with losing a loved one. The alleged shooter’s life might also be lost in the criminal justice system, and I’m sure his family is also in despair. We must do better as a community. It will take all of us to figure out a way out of this cycle of events.

“We cannot accept violence of any kind in our communities. Our Parks are there for all to enjoy. Washington Park is a gathering space. A place to play. A place to learn. A place to feel safe. It’s crushing when an incident like this happens. It affects every single member of our community. No one should be scared to visit a park.

“My colleague Supervisor Shawn Rolland and I are identifying the best group of people to dissect how this happened and come up with viable solutions to prevent more violence in our county. There are so many amazing community groups doing wonderful work in all of our neighborhoods. We all need to continue to support their efforts while finding ways to fund additional resources within our government departments.”

Supervisor Shawn Rolland:

“My heart is broken for the family who lost their child to gun violence last night. People who solve problems with bullets instead of brains are cowards. It has to stop. Moreover, we need to guarantee that the events occurring in our county parks have the staffing, security and supplies they need to keep people safe – no excuses. When people come to our parks, they must feel safe and be safe. That’s why Supervisor Capriolo and I have called for a meeting with the senior leaders from Milwaukee County Parks, the Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Health and Human Services, the District Attorney’s Office, and the county court system. Were there enough security, officers, and event staff on site to keep people safe? Did the event grow larger than expected, and if so, did our teams plan accordingly? Should minors with felony gun charges receive a more thorough punishment or more restorative services, or both? These are a few of the many questions I hope to raise in the days to come. We must work together, map out the processes that led to this incident, look for gaps, and offer solutions to help make our parks safer in the future.”

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