We are very pleased to announce that Brandon Maly has decided to declare his personal support for Olsen For Congress in the 2nd Congressional District Wisconsin Primary.

Thank you Brandon Maly!

Over the last two years, Brandon has built up the Republican Party of Dane County, brought a new voice and new energy, excelled at fundraising, and made many friends throughout the State of Wisconsin.

At this difficult and pivotal time in our Country’s history, Brandon remains steadfastly committed to party unity and to charting a stable course of action through the often turbulent waters that we find facing us. 

As you may remember, our Olsen for Congress campaign previously earned the endorsement of Scott Grabins, our great former chair of the Dane County Republican Party. One of the challenges that we face this year is that in order to Save America, we must all work together. Sometimes working together is not so easy, and when disagreements bubble up between people in our party, we all have to take a deep breath, remember the big important task in front of us, and work together to remind everybody that if we don’t WORK TOGETHER NOW we may not HAVE A GREAT COUNTRY TOMORROW!!!

It is a great honor to now have the declared personal support for Olsen for Congress Campaign from both Brandon Maly, the current RPDC chair, as well as the endorsement of Scott Grabins, the previous RPC Chairl!

So let’s work together, get along together, and WIN TOGETHER!

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