Madison –Representative Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) has announced that he will not seek re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly. Rep. Considine issued the following on his retirement:

“I am grateful for the privilege of serving the constituents of the 81st Assembly District and surrounding areas. I have enjoyed this job immensely and am honored to have been elected to serve each of you and the citizens of our state.

“Thank you to everyone who has sent letters, attended listening sessions, made phone calls, and taken the time to share with me the issues closest to your heart. Sometimes we have agreed on policy solutions and sometimes we have disagreed. As a legislator, I need to hear all perspectives. I am amazed at how much I have learned and grown because of your trust in me. Please know that I continue in your service until the end of this year. I hope you continue to share with me your ideas and concerns, so I can take action in the next year and share the unique needs of the 81st Assembly District with the candidates who will be running to serve as your next representative.

“In my retirement, I look forward to spending more time with my grandchildren and attending the many events in which they participate. I also plan on spending more time outside on the farm, golf course, campground, and bike trail.

“I hope if my service has meant anywhere near to you what it has meant to me, it will encourage you to remain actively involved in your government at every level and vote every time you get the chance.”

Rep. Considine was first elected in 2014. During his 10 years in service, he has shown a unique and important perspective as one of few rural Democrats, with a background in farming and special education. Serving as the ranking member of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture, Rep. Considine has been a strong advocate for farmers and a key champion for hemp farming in the state. In addition, Rep. Considine has been a strong supporter of public education, environmental protections, and mental health.

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