Madison –State Representative Joy Goeben (R-Hobart) released the following statement regarding the Evers Administration vetoing AB 144 / SB 158.

This legislation offers preliminary healthcare credentials to previously unlicensed individuals.  Prospective Wisconsin healthcare licensees, notably new graduates, continue to experience long processing delays from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). This limits their ability to provide quality healthcare to their patients or denies them the opportunity to obtain a job. This bill would give them a preliminary license, allowing them to get to work faster and apply their skills and knowledge. The bill also would allow Wisconsin to join a multistate Social Worker Licensure Compact. Instead, Evers kept barriers in place preventing qualified candidates from practicing, providing client care, and ensuring public protection.

Rep. Goeben explains, “Governor Evers has chosen to veto a bill that streamlines getting people from classrooms to work more quickly. He obviously does not feel Wisconsin’s educational system is capable of graduating employment-ready healthcare workers. Fifteen urban and rural healthcare organizations registered in support of the legislation because they know how important it is to have an efficient pipeline from education to employment.”

The bill gives DSPS more time to turn licensing requests around while easing the burden created by worker shortages in the healthcare sector. “The health of the people of Wisconsin will continue to suffer under Governor Evers’ leadership,” says Rep. Goeben.

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