MADISON – Today, State Representative Alex Joers (D-Middleton) attended Governor Tony Evers’ sixth State of the State Address to a joint session of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Representative Joers released the following statement:

“I appreciate the Governor for his continued effort to address the important workforce challenges Wisconsinites are facing. We need to create the best possible environment for our workforce to thrive, and there are few issues more pivotal to this effort than child care.

“Our child care industry remains in crisis. The past year of inaction by the majority party has made clear that they have no interest in supporting our families. This is why I introduced Assembly Bill 513, a program that would increase support to providers by making the vital Child Care Counts investment permanent. The bill is currently awaiting a hearing in the Assembly Committee on Children and Families. If Republicans are serious about addressing this crisis, they’ll take up this proposal immediately.

“Child care needs to be the foundation of our plan to address workforce challenges. By investing in child care, we’re not only supporting our current workforce but also ensuring our next generation is best equipped to succeed. I’m thankful that Governor Evers agrees, and I remain committed to working together to provide the necessary support for families across the state.”

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