MADISON, WI – After two shootings in Madison, WI over the June 7 weekend resulted in 1 death and 12 injuries, Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement: 

“My heart and my prayers go out to those who were injured in the shooting at the Lux Apartments on Johnson Street in the early morning of Sunday, June 9, 2024 and I wish them a speedy recovery. My deepest sympathies also go out to the family and loved ones of the individual who was killed in the shooting on Williamson Street in the early morning of Friday, June 7, 2024.

It is especially concerning that these incidents occurred on Wear Orange Weekend, which is dedicated to raising awareness about gun violence and the need for comprehensive policy that prevents tragedies like these. This rampant gun violence is unacceptable, and it is preventable.

We must do better. We must continue to fund community programs that help prevent violence and keep our communities safe, but we must also continue introducing common-sense gun safety legislation to decrease the number of firearm-related incidents and deaths that devastate our community and all communities across the state of Wisconsin.

This past session, I have worked hard to introduce bills that address our prominent gun violence crisis, including Assembly Bill 1051: creating an office of gun violence prevention in the Department of Justice and making an appropriation, Assembly Bill 718: waiting period for purchase of handguns, Assembly Bill 931: community violence intervention and creation of the Office of Violence Prevention in the Department of Health Services, and Assembly Bill 368: sales and transfers of firearms and providing a penalty, also known as the Background Check Bill. I introduced these bills last session and will continue introducing common-sense gun legislation until we end gun violence in our state.”

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