MADISON – Today, several Dane County food pantries hosted a press conference to share an open letter signed by over 35 organizations calling for increased financial and operational support to meet increased demand. Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) issued the following statement regarding the press conference and open letter:

“No one should have to choose between feeding their families and other basic necessities. Organizations such as those gathered at the Capitol today fulfill a vital role in our community: ensuring that all people have access to fresh, healthy food. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we can work towards a Wisconsin where no one goes hungry.

“Ensuring that everyone has the ability to feed their families should be a top priority in our state. That is why it is essential that we provide food pantries and other food service organizations with the necessary resources to carry out their essential mission. As demand for their services increases, so should our support of their efforts.

“The time is now to act in alignment with our values. It is not enough to say that all people deserve to have food on the table – we need to ensure that food makes it there. That is why I am proud to stand beside each and every one of these vital organizations and uplift their call for additional funding and resources so they can continue to serve our communities. Only by working together can we create a more fair and equitable Wisconsin where everyone has what they need to grow and thrive.”

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