Madison, WI – On Tuesday, the Wisconsin State Senate was successful in overriding eight vetoes previously made by Governor Evers, including $125 million for PFAS.

The Governor submitted an irresponsible 13.10 motion to the Joint Committee on Finance, asking to unconstitutionally release this funding. Since the Governor vetoed SB 312 and now wants to use the $125 million on programs that would have been created under that bill, the Joint Committee on Finance, by releasing the funding, would be overriding a gubernatorial veto – a maneuver that can only take place with a two-thirds vote of both houses of the Legislature, not through a single committee of sixteen.

Senator Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk) commented: “Not only do we not have the authority to do what the Governor is asking, it provides zero statutory protections for innocent landowners and homeowners in the 12th Senate District. Because of his reckless veto of SB 312, the Legislature has limited options on releasing this funding – which is why we came in for veto overrides today.”

Since vetoing SB 312, the Governor and Democrats in the Legislature have been making egregious accusations that Republicans are holding up funding for PFAS. The Governor, through his 13.10 request, is asking the Legislature to release the funding into a DNR slush fund that has no statutory guidance on how it’s used.

Felzkowski continued: “During the year of clean water, it’s extremely disingenuous that Governor Evers and my democratic colleagues are using this crisis for political gain, while the Governor sits on over $1 billion in remaining ARPA funding that could have been put towards this cause 250 days ago. I will not sit quietly by and allow them to use my constituents of the 12th Senate District as pawns in their political chess game. Today, my Republican colleagues and I were successful in overriding the Governor’s veto in the Senate.”

The veto override passed on a 22-9 vote. Zero Democrats voted in favor of overriding the Governor’s veto and providing PFAS funding to Wisconsin communities.

Other successful veto overrides include: requiring the DNR to have a wolf population goal, postelection audits by the Legislative Audit Bureau, teacher apprenticeship programs, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Modernization Act, and certifying citizenship of electors.

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