“Today, Senate Republicans took decisive action to address PFAS and health care access in Wisconsin by overriding Tony Evers’ vetoes on a series of bills addressing these critical issues. We also overturned Evers’ veto of a bill improving student teaching. Senate Democrats voted in lockstep with Governor Evers to avoid tackling these critical issues. 

“The Governor’s and Democrats’ rhetoric on PFAS is extremely disingenuous. Evers knows he vetoed the bill setting up the PFAS cleanup program, but he keeps asking for the money. Every single Senate Democrat voted against both the money and the PFAS program, yet they keep blaming Republicans for the PFAS situation. If Evers wants to spend money on a non-existent program, he should use the BILLION dollars in his COVID slush fund. He shouldn’t ask taxpayers for their even more of their hard-earned money. And Senate Democrats shouldn’t be asking for money going to a problem they voted against solving – repeatedly.”

“Republicans increased health care access by overturning Evers’ vetoes of a bill to fund emergency services in the Chippewa Valley and increase access statewide by expanding the ability of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to deliver health care. Both had wide support when they were passed and both were vetoed. Today, Senate Democrats and Governor Evers blocked bills that would expand health care access across the state and in the Chippewa Valley.”

“At a time when Wisconsin’s is losing teachers due to retirement and most teachers leave the profession in less than 5 years, Republicans passed a bill allowing school districts and universities to offer and incentivize student teachers getting more student teaching experience. It was a completely optional program to help better prepare teachers with real-world experience. Instead of helping solve the teacher shortage, Governor Evers and Senate Democrats stood in the way.” 

“It would be disappointing if it weren’t so cynical. Evers and Democrats know the games they are playing. They don’t care. They would rather try to score political points than help solve these critical issues.  People are suffering, and they’d rather get a supposed “win.”

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