“My prayers go out to the injured counselor at Lincoln Hills as he recovers from his injuries. My thoughts are with his family and the entire Lincoln Hills and Corrections Community as they cope with many of their worst fears.

“We have heard for many years that something like what occurred last night was inevitable at Lincoln Hills. While last night’s violence is shocking, this was also an “incident waiting to happen.” For too long, our correctional personnel at Lincoln Hills have been hamstrung and punished for the actions that occurred almost a decade ago.

“It is past time for the Federal Court, the Department of Corrections, and Governor Evers to give all our corrections personnel the tools and training they need, and deserve, to protect themselves and inmates. As I, and others, have pressed the Evers Administration, publicly and privately, Governor Evers needs to unveil his plan to close Lincoln Hills and Wisconsin’s other outdated correctional facilities as soon as possible. Waiting for the “next governor” is not an option.

“As always, I am willing to work with Governor Evers and Secretary-Designee Hoy to try to create a safe environment for our correctional staff, inmates and our communities.”

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