3rd CD Dem Katrina Shankland today released a new ad saying she has the experience to defend democracy from attacks by “right-wing extremism.”

Her campaign said the 15-second spot — the seventh ad of her campaign — will run in the La Cross-Eau Claire, Wausau and Madison markets on broadcast TV, cable, radio and digital. The campaign didn’t say how much she’s spending on the buy. 

According to AdImpact, the Stevens Point state rep has $235,131 in media buys through next week.

In the spot, Shankland says she has the experience to “fight back and strengthen voter rights to uphold the will of the people.” She closes the spot saying she approves the message because “democracy is worth defending.”

Shankand faces Rebecca Cooke and Eric Wilson in the Aug. 13 Dem primary to take on GOP U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden, R-Prairie du Chien.

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