Wisconsin —  In anticipation of the Dobbs Anniversary, last week, Senate Democratic candidates Jodi Habush Sinykin and Kris Alfheim hosted events to discuss the ongoing attacks on reproductive freedom and the need to continue defending the abortion access that was recently restored in Wisconsin. 

Democratic candidate Kris Alfheim (D-18th Senate District) released the following statement: 

“Two years ago, an extremist Supreme Court upended abortion access for and denied bodily autonomy to millions of Americans. While abortion access was restored in Wisconsin, it is far from safe with conservative lawmakers’ repeated attempts to undermine reproductive freedom in our state. I firmly believe that abortion care is health care and it remains a right that must constantly be defended.”

Democratic candidate Jodi Habush Sinykin (D-8th Senate District) released the following statement: 

“We need to enact laws in Wisconsin that safeguard the health and autonomy of women, to make it so young families want to live in our state, and to allow individuals to make the best reproductive healthcare decisions for themselves. While my opponent, Senator Stroebel, has defended and even supported the 1849 criminal abortion ban, I can assure you I will fight tirelessly to defend the well-being of Wisconsin women and ensure that we do not remain second-class citizens as compared to women living in our neighboring states. Wisconsin women deserve the same degree of accessible, quality healthcare now and always.”

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