Washington, D.C. (March 15, 2024) – Congressman Bryan Steil (WI-01) today called on Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough to discuss the department’s decision to implement the Oracle Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR) system at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (Lovell FHCC) in North Chicago, Illinois.  

Rep. Steil sent the letter to convey his concerns and seek clarity over the current state of the EHR system. In the past, there have been complications ranging from software failures to incorrect patient records that have directly impacted the care veterans need and have earned.  

Since many veterans in Wisconsin’s First District depend on the services provided by the Lovell FHCC, Rep. Steil is seeking to ensure the issues with the EHR system have been resolved before the decision was made to deploy the system at Lovell FHCC.  

Below are excerpts from the letter:  

“Thousands of Wisconsin veterans rely on the VA to provide care, which is why we cannot afford to jeopardize the quality and availability of care to any veteran. Since the most recent deployment of the EHRM directly affects my constituents, I ask that you provide my office with details on every issue with the EHRM and how it has been resolved. In addition, for your office to provide contacts and resources to my office that I can pass along to my constituents. 

“It is imperative that I develop a full understanding of how this project has been altered for my constituents to ensure Southeastern Wisconsin veterans are afforded the care they have earned and deserve with no disruptions. I look forward to your timely response and hearing how the issues with the EHRM system have been resolved.” 

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