(Milwaukee, June 4, 2024) – Today, the Biden administration signed a series of executive actions that will effectively close the border to thousands of people seeking asylum. Under the new rule, those seeking protection at ports of entry along the U.S. southern border could be deported with no legal due process. 

“We condemn Biden’s decision to align with the far-right dangerous policies of Trump that provide no solutions to the causes of forced migration, violate human rights laws, and incite violence” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera Action. “

This action reinforces a cruel and xenophobic narrative and alienates his own base of Latine and immigrant voters by failing to articulate an alternative vision and values of what is needed to integrate newcomers and to recognize the humanity of new arrivals. Instead of placing blame on Trump and the MAGA right that has been blocking Congressional funds and weaponizing asylum seekers by busing them to cities to create chaos for political ends, Biden is following the lead of the far-right“

“Voces de la Frontera Action and the immigrant community call for President Biden to uphold humane and just border immigration policies that honor the rights and dignity of all individuals.” Neuman-Ortiz said. “In addition, President Biden must use executive authority to grant work permits to long term undocumented immigrant workers and mixed immigration status families, including those with U.S. Citizen spouses and U.S. citizen adult children, who have been part of the movement to get him elected. They are angry to not be seen or heard by this administration and the failure to pass immigration reform under a second Democratic trifecta.”

“To prevail against Trump and the MAGA base and inspire Latine and immigrant voters and allies, Biden must go big and go bold before the elections to inspire his pro immigrant base of voters. If he fails to do this he  will continue to damage his prospects to prevail in the November election.” she added.

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